lic. phil. Flavia Krogh (M.A. of Educations UZH)


About me

I am the mother of 2 adult, highly sensitive sons and also highly sensitive myself.


  • Teacher education course at the Mariaberg teacher training college in Rorschach (SG), graduated as a primary school teacher in 1985
  • Studies at the Philosophical Faculty I of the University of Zurich, combination of subjects: Educational Sciences, Educational Psychology and Social Pedagogy, Art History, Italian Literature and 2 semesters of Sociology, graduated with a Licentiate Phil. I., M.A. Educations UZH 1994
  • Master’s thesis/licentiate thesis in the main subject of education, with Prof. Dr. H. Forneck, topic: “Museum education with adults in Switzerland”


  • Primary teaching at the curative education school in Flawil, middle school and individual support in the context of DaZ (German as an additional language)
  • Psychological counseling and pedagogical coaching in own practice (focus: integrative systemic approach)
  • Lecturer in psychology/pedagogy and art appreciation at the cantonal and technical secondary school in Trogen AR, Switzerland
  • Peace education: workshop leader at the European Youth Forum Trogen, joint project of the Cantonal School Trogen and the Pestalozzi Children’s Village Trogen (
  • Supervision for the socio-educational intervention center “uftriib” in St. Gallen, and further training workshops for foster parents and social workers in the field of trauma and systems
  • Teaching French at the Pegasus School in St. Gallen (working with highly gifted/learning blocked and highly sensitive children)
  • Concept work for the workshops: “High sensitivity” and “Self-confidence” at the cantonal school in Trogen
  • Concept work for the guidelines of the forest school of the city of SG
  • Concept work for the project: “Counseling pool for young people at the cantonal school in Trogen AR”
  • Concept work for a cultural trail for the town of Rorschach (not realized)
  • Art mediator at the St. Gallen Art Museum, mediation for all age groups
  • Training of prospective cultural mediators and management of teacher training courses at the following institutions: Art Museum SG, Textile Museum SG, Liechtenstein National Museum Vaduz, Henry-Dunant-Museum in Heiden, at the Vocational training center Rorschach and in cooperation with the School of Health and Nursing at the Eastern Switzerland Children’s Hospital
  • Conception and implementation of museum education and establishment of a department of the same name at the following museums: Henry Dunant Museum in Heiden, Liechtenstein National Museum in Vaduz
  • Project work for the development of teaching materials, Migros Club Schools Association (Italian language)
  • Teaching at elementary school, substitutions at all levels
  • Teaching Italian language and culture in private courses, formerly at the Migros Club School (1983-95) and at the former KV-Schule St. Gallen

Further ecucation

  • Social Trauma Therapy (SST) ( with Anngwyn St. Just
  • Certified systemic competence: various systemic approaches and NLP (
  • Basic training Basics of Continuum at the Somatics Academy Munich ( (movement therapy approach)
  • Further training blocks: Further training in system structure constellations in counseling, coaching and solution finding and further training in system constellations, both at the Institute for System Work, course director: Margarete Tammilehto ( Symposium: “Participatory teaching”, Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation
  • Certified RIT reflex integration trainer (integration of early childhood reflexes) (
  • Certified sound massage practitioner and KliK expert/practitioner (sound communication with children) according to Peter Hess ( and
  • Aura basic training I-III according to H. Wenig, in the healing practice: HeilSein/ Untereggen (SG) (

Main focus of the Coaching offer

  • Holistic health coaching for chronic symptoms and illnesses
  • Resolution of epigenetic stress
  • Biography work and resolution of triggers in connection with traumatic situations
  • Mindfulness and mindset training, raising awareness
  • Advice on high sensitivity and tools for dealing with it in a healthy way
  • Advice on ADHD/ADS, autism, dyslexia, dyscalculia and other school and behavioral problems
  • Educational coaching for parents of “difficult” children
  • Survival coaching for parents of teenagers
  • Resilience training for (highly sensitive) children to boost their self-confidence and motivation to learn
  • Reintegration of early childhood reflexes
  • Holistic eye training for dyslexics
  • Harmonization of family dynamics
  • Patchwork families: integration and harmonization of “different cultures”
  • Coaching for adolescents during puberty
  • Coaching for career and vocation choices
  • Harmonization in the partnership
  • Stress reduction through singing bowl work
  • Processing grief
  • Promoting creativity
  • Advice for teachers with “difficult” pupils
  • Impulse coaching for women

Specialist publications, presentations, workshops:

  • 2023 Lecture at the educational event of the Graswurzle Schweiz association:
    ” Free School – Human Education” (September 2, 2023, Mythenforum in Schwyz) Title: “The family as a developmental community and the hidden potential of high sensitivity”
  • Since 2022 Workshops and presentations for parents in the region in collaboration with the umbrella organization playgroups Vorderland AR and the school Zürisee in Hombrechtikon, the public school in the Lower Engadine (Strada, Valsot) and at the FamilyCompetenceCenter of the Alpstein Clinic in Gais
  • Since 2020, specialist texts for the magazines and homepage of the Alpstein Clinic in Gais with a focus on “Holistic Health”
    • OM & Nutrition (international journal and health forum for orthomolecular medicine and related medicine, specialist journal for doctors, therapists, pharmacists and patients)
    • Health magazine of the St. Galler News
    • Specialist blogs for the homepage of the Alpstein Clinic in Gais
  • 2015 Specialist text: “We are the school: education through encounters” Insights into the teaching of the supplementary subject psychology/pedagogy at the cantonal school in Trogen. With the participation of the students of the supplementary subject Psychology/Pedagogy class 2014/15. self-published
  • 2006 “Selfness – What is it?” Speech at the opening ceremony of the “Kursstudio am Bahnhof”, Amriswil
  • 2004 Specialist publication: ” The Liechtenstein National Museum: a model educational institution”, with co-author Dipl. zool. Regula Frei, in: ” Liechtenstein National Museum: History, collections, exhibitions, buildings”, Publisher: Liechtensteinisches National Museum, Vaduz
  • 2004 “Museum education and museum didactic concept at the LLM Vaduz”, with co-author: Dipl. zool. Regula Frei, (unpublished scientific contribution)
  • 2002 “Education and mediation in museums”, lecture at the invitation of the Museums region St. Gallen-Appenzell
  • 2000 Specialist publication: “Museum and Adults Learning – Perspectives from Europe”, country report Switzerland, National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE), published by NIACE, Leicester GB 2000 (on behalf of SVEB)
  • 1997 “Adult education and museum education”, presentation at the invitation of the Department of Education of the Canton of Berne, Adult Education Department
  • 1997 “Adult education in museums”, presentation at the annual conference of the Austrian Association of Cultural Mediators in Museums and Exhibitions, Steyr
  • 1996 Specialist publication: «Meeting point museum – museum education with adults in Switzerland», Verlag P. Lang, Bern
  • 1995 ” Individual visitors to the Kunstmuseum Bern ” – Empirical Museum education survey on the visitor profile at art museums and educational consequences (unpublished scientific report)
  • 1989 “Growing up without parents: On non-familial upbringing in German-speaking Switzerland”, Chronos publishing house, Zurich 1989 (academic contribution as part of my studies)