Dr. med. Torsten Gottschalck

Leading physician, specialties orthopedics and osteology, special pain therapy, chronic infections, environmental medicine

It’s not essential how old you get, but HOW you get old.

State examination

  • University of Bonn 1994
  • Doctorate 1997


German, English


  • Specialist in general medicine
  • Doctor of naturopathy
  • Cell therapist
  • Certificate of competence in emergency medical services/additional title emergency medicine Additional title
  • Special pain therapy
  • Physician for hospital hygiene


  • Diagnostics and therapy of chronic diseases
  • Chronic inflammations of all kinds
  • Detoxification therapies
  • All types of cell therapy
  • All types of hyperthermia
  • PRP treatments
  • Intra-arterial therapy for circulatory disorders
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