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Our lymphocytes: Basic building blocks of the cellular immune response and more!

by | 23. September 2021

Dear patients and friends of the Alpstein Clinic,

During summer all we want to think about is vacation, sun, beach and relaxation. But unfortunately the general mood in society is still clouded by „COVID 19 issues“ and controversies. We have been working diligently at the Alpstein Clinic – we have managed our increasing flow of patients and have also been happy about the expanding number of international guests. However, international travel is still difficult.

The time was also amply used for conceptual improvement of our diagnostic and therapeutic services with the perennial goal of achieving the fastest path to improvement and cure of chronic conditions for our patients.

Lymphocytes in the body

Many billions of lymph cells flow through our body. Of these, the smallest part is in the blood. Most immune cells cavort in the more than 600 lymph nodes, the spleen, the bone marrow, the intestinal wall, the thymus and the spleen.

About 700,000 lymph cells pass through one lymph node alone every day. They have multiple functions and are core elements of the defense against disease-promoting viruses (including COVID-19), specific bacteria (e.g. tuberculosis, Lyme bacteria and syphilis), fungi and finally cancer cells.
Lymphocytes, along with granulocytes (bacteria defense) and macrophages (phagocytes), are the only cells that are motile and penetrate all body parts, tissues, organs and even the brain.