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We would like to introduce you to a new, gentle and painless method of removing biofilm and tartar, “Guided Biofilm Therapy”, or GBT for short. We are convinced that this treatment concept, which is based on the latest scientific findings and technical advances, fits perfectly into the quality and treatment standards of the Alpstein Clinic and generates high added value for you as our patient. We are therefore very pleased to be able to offer you this method in our clinic with immediate effect in the areas of prophylaxis/tooth cleaning and periodontal therapy.

Let us introduce GBT to you in detail in the following sections and see why the concept is so different and special that we have been specially certified for it as a dental practice at the Alpstein Clinic. We look forward to hopefully welcoming you to our clinic soon for a prophylaxis using the GBT method.

Eight steps to perfect teeth cleaning

The new and modern GUIDED BIOFILM THERAPY (GBT) is all about the gentle and complete removal of biofilm, discoloration and tartar using modern
and innovative technologies.

The surface of the teeth and the gums are protected. GBT is a clinical protocol that guarantees a uniform and high quality standard for your professional dental cleaning. You can get a brief overview of the topic in the following video.