Dr. med. Heike Herzog

Department of general and geriatric medicine, bioidentical hormone therapy and biological aesthetics

Health in body, mind and soul is connected with learning to accept, appreciate and love yourself!

State examination

  • Justus Liebig University Giessen 1991


German, English, Spanish


  • Specific training in general medicine / general practitioner 1995
  • Médico Especialista en Medicina Familiar y Comunitaria 1999
  • Bioidentical hormone therapy / hormone coach
  • Integrative biological cancer medicine (GfBK)
  • Biomedicine Paracelsus Academy
  • Acupuncture (FANS)
  • Neural therapy (FMH)
  • Naturopathic treatments (LÄK RLP)
  • Dark field microscopy
  • Global Diagnostics / Vital Field Therapy (Vitatec)
  • Cell symbiosis therapy (according to Dr. H. Kremer)
  • Mesotherapy and biological aesthetic treatment with PRP
  • Transformation therapist / coach (short-term psychotherapy)


  • Diagnostics and therapy
    • Chronic diseases and cancer
    • Hormone balance in menstrual disorders, menopause, andropause – male menopause, thyroid diseases,
      depression, sleep disorders, burn out, fatigue syndrome, etc.
    • Acute and chronic gastrointestinal diseases (Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis etc.) and infectious diseases
    • Diseases in old age
    • autoimmune diseases
  • Neural therapy, mesotherapy and acupuncture as regulation and pain therapy
  • Vital field diagnostics and therapy for acute and chronic diseases
  • Biolifting and wrinkle treatment with autologous blood (PRP) and biological substances
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