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Alpstein PREMIUM Check-up™

The Alpstein PREMIUM check-up includes all relevant risk factors, which are known to cause chronic diseases and cancer. The Alpstein PREMIUM check-up does not only focus on laboratory. The whole-body check detects also functional parameters, aspects from environmental medicine and the holistic dentistry. All used methods are evidence-based and objective – therefore they are source and not symptom oriented. These diagnostic procedures are for anyone at any age. The following information will give you an overview about the components and further background about this check-up.
Based on an integral matrix concept


Individualized Check-up plan

Whole body examination for individualized prevention and therapy planning

Holistic medical anamnesis and examination
Our doctors will assess your actual health status by studying your medical history in detail, followed by a full body examination. We specifically focus on discussing causative factors for diseases, factors of lifestyle and environment, condition of internal health and psychological strain.
Holistic dental anamnesis and examination
From a Integrative, biological medicine point of view, a thorough dental anamnesis and full examination is of outmost importance to find possible interference fields, foci of infections as well as inflammatory processes in the dental area affecting your general health on a systemic level.

Based on your dental, periodontal, radiological and craniomandibular symptoms and results, we will provide you with a personalised treatment modality after a thorough dental examination according to your specific needs. Finally, you will be presented with a sensible and clear overview/analysis, allowing you to see any connections between your general health symptoms arising from dental concerns and consequently allowing harmonization with your whole-body. According to your wishes, we apply gentle, patient oriented, minimal invasive metal free dental solutions for your teeth and for an optimal health.

Vital blood analysis in the microscopic dark field
The method represents a supplementary hematological diagnostic procedure, which enables the quality of blood cells and surrounding plasma via a special exposure technique. This allows an impressive blood milieu assessment, provides information about the activity of defense cells and the presence of metabolic and toxic loads. Through the presence of the patient, the phenomena are explained live and promote the understanding of one‘s own „vital fluid“.
Regulation Thermography
Regulation thermography (RTG) determines the skin temperature at defined measuring points of the body by means of a highly sensitive probe. There is a double measurement, namely before and after cooling.
This provokes the body to heat regulation. From these reactions, important clues can be obtained both on disorders in the measurement area as well as on the reaction of the whole organism. RTG provides indications of unrecognized causes, especially in chronic conditions. It has gained particular importance in breast cancer prevention and follow-up care.
Global Diagnostics
The Global Diagnostics is a whole-body measurement of the human vital field. Thousands of tiny electrical impulses are sent to the body during the measurement. The response of the body to these pulses is recorded in their intensity and rhythmic changes, evaluated and displayed on the computer. With the evaluation we receive important information about the energetic state of the body.

Part of our mission statement is “anything that can be measured, we should measure”. Following this fundamental idea, we recommend to measure all important health risk factors, which are evidence-based. In detail, we analyse the following parameters:

  • Blood gas analysis: to evaluate the acid-base balance
  • Hematology: quantitative counting of all blood components
  • Classic organ parameters: enzymes from kidney, liver, pancreas
  • Clinical chemistry: electrolyte, protein amount, cardiovascular risk factors, homocysteine, kryptopyrrols
  • Vital substances: all important Vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Fat parameters: cholesterol and subgroups, fatty acid profile
  • Tumor markers: depending on the gender
  • Environmental toxins: toxic metals by using the DMPS mobilization test, organic toxins and endocrine disrupters
  • Genotyping detox enzymes phase one and two
  • Food and intestinal parameters: microbiome analysis, food allergy test using 90 important components, histamine intolerance test
  • Serology of pathogens: neuro- and lympho-topic viruses, bacteria and parasites
  • Hormones: thyroid, adrenal and sex hormones


Heart rate variability
A single ECG method is analysing the time interval from two heart beats which depends from the vegetative management of the body. The method is well known in sports medicine to control the effectiveness of training methods and to estimate the function of heart and cardio-circulatory system. We differ between the short measurement over five minutes and the 24-hour long-term measurement (see examples shown above).
In this element analysis, we use a laser beam on the palm in order to get an overview about all relevant mineral, trace elements and metallic toxins. The result depends on sex, age, body mass index and blood group.
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