We welcome our new dentist Dr. med. dent. Elvira Henney-Wenz

by | Jan 18, 2024

A warm welcome Dr. med. dent. Elvira Henney-Wenz

We are pleased to inform you as of September 2023 Dr. med. dent. Elvira Henney-Wenz supports and strengthens the Alpstein Clinic dental department as “Head Dentist”.

Dr. med. dent. Elvira Henney-Wenz studied and received her doctorate in southern Germany, and has completed additional specialisations in the areas of aesthetic, metal-free dentistry (ceramics), implantology, environmental dentistry, neuralkinesiology according to Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, applied kinesiology, periodontal therapies, functional and temporomandibular joint therapies, and even CMD. She brings decades of experience through her independent practice and the establishment of the interdisciplinary alpine practice Isarwinkel in Bad Tölz (Germany). In her practices, Mrs. Dr. med. Dent. Elvira Henney-Wenz offered all fields of innovative, holistic and modern aesthetic dentistry with a special focus on interdisciplinary dentistry. Throughout her practice she has helped many people and health-conscious families in the preservation of their health and teeth, as well as recovery from and prevention of illness.