Welcome to Dr. med. dent. Elvira Henney-Wenz

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We are pleased to inform you that since September 2023 Dr. med. dent. Elvira Henney-Wenz has been supporting and strengthening the dental department of the Alpstein Clinic in the role of “Head Dentist”.

She studied and completed her doctorate in southern Germany and has successfully completed additional specialsations in the fields of aesthetic, metal-free dentistry (ceramics), implantology, environmental dentistry, neural kinesiology according to Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, applied kinesiology, periodontal therapies, functional and temporomandibular joint therapies and CMD. She is one of the few to have several decades of experience through her independent work and the establishment of the interdisciplinary Isarwinkel Alpine Practice in Bad Tölz (Germany). Dr. med. dent. Elvira Henney-Wenz has successfully offered all specialist areas of innovative, healthy and modern aesthetic dentistry and in particular interdisciplinary dentistry as a therapy concept in her practices and has been able to help many people and health-conscious families in maintaining their health and teeth, recovery and prevention.

At the beginning of her career, she trained with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt for several years and studied dental interference field therapy and heavy metal exposure from dental materials. She enriched the treatment of sensitive patients in environmental dentistry with valuable immunological evidence and tests for incompatibilities of dental materials and the interference field. The use of exclusively metal-free ceramic restorations was already established in her practice in the early years. Since 2010, Dr. Med. Dent. Elvira Henney-Wenz has been a successful user of the ceramic implant system Patent, which is now based here in Switzerland.

Her further expertise is reflected in her work as an expert in prosthetics. She is also a lecturer in environmental dentistry and holistic dentistry. For family reasons, Dr. Med. Dent. Elvira Henney-Wenz has recently moved to Switzerland and is already attached to this beautiful country.

We warmly welcome Dr Elvira Henney-Wenz to the Alpstein Clinic team and wish her every success!

Your Dr. Josef Vizkelety


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