General dentistry

aGeneral dentistry involves more than just the treatment of tooth decay and gingivitis, it is the foundation for a healthy smile and general well-being. At our practice, led by Dr. Wenz, comprehensive preventative care is at the heart of our treatments. We understand that despite careful daily oral hygiene at home, professional dental cleanings are essential to remove tartar and bacterial deposits, which are common causes of periodontitis.

From childhood to old age, we place a strong focus on preventive measures. For children, we offer individual prophylaxis from the age of six to protect their teeth during their critical development phase and ensure healthy growth. We provide pregnant women with sensitive and professional dental cleaning that takes into account the special hormonal and physical conditions during pregnancy to minimise the risk of gum inflammation.

We are also aware that periodontitis can have far-reaching effects on the entire body. This is why we use advanced diagnostic procedures such as the aMMP8 marker germ test to detect signs of gum disease at an early stage and initiate appropriate treatment. For patients who are afraid of dental procedures or want quick and efficient treatment, we offer dental treatment under anaesthesia.

Our holistic approach also includes the treatment of TMJ disorders, as these are often accompanied by other physical symptoms such as headaches and postural problems. Our general dentistry aims to maintain and promote the balance between oral health and general health to help you achieve a lifelong, healthy smile.



Professional teeth cleaning at the dentist

Oral hygiene is important, as every patient knows by now. But no matter how well you brush, there are some places you simply never reach at home in front of the mirror. That’s why your dentist, Dr. Wenz, advises regular prophylaxis in the dental practice.

Dental cleaning prophylaxis is the permanent medication in periodontitis therapy. Tartar is the breeding ground for all bacteria and germs that cause periodontitis. For this reason, tooth cleaning is essential for the long-term success of treatment after periodontitis therapy.

Prophylaxis for pregnant women – sensitive + professional

A woman’s hormonal situation changes during pregnancy. Unfortunately, this makes the gums more sensitive. In addition, many women suffer from morning sickness or severe gagging in the first trimester of pregnancy. During this time in particular, many pregnant patients suffer from gum inflammation, which can develop into periodontitis (periodontal disease) and bone inflammation.

Pregnancy is a special time. Take care of your health and do something good for your baby. What many mothers do not know is that periodontal bacteria in particular can be transmitted to infants through shared spoon contact when feeding children or sucking the pacifier. Find out more about our prophylaxis treatment for pregnant women for your health and that of your child.

Prophylaxis for children – taking care of good teeth from an early age

From the age of six, children receive individual prophylaxis from their dentist twice a year. From the age of 6 to 12, a child’s dentition changes fundamentally. The permanent teeth replace the milk teeth. Immediately after eruption, they are particularly susceptible to tooth decay. The individual caries prevention program in the dental practice, individual prophylaxis, therefore provides intensive care for 6 to 17-year-olds. And parents should take advantage of this for their children. So that their youngsters can enjoy healthy, strong teeth for a long time.

The gentle, innovative dental prophylaxis

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT)

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is a standardized, systematic, risk- and demand-oriented prophylaxis concept based on the latest scientific findings and technical advances for successful biofilm management.

The GBT was developed jointly by the EMS company, the Swiss Dental Academy (SDA), universities and various practitioners. In addition to effective cleaning performance and a high degree of substance protection, the therapy aims to maximise patient and dentist comfort.

The therapy procedure has been well-researched in terms of technique and materials, and its effectiveness has been proven based on evidence. This also applies to patient satisfaction with individual steps such as AIRFLOW® and PIEZON® PS.



Periodontal treatment for healthy gums and bones

Periodontitis, better known as periodontosis, is an infectious disease of the periodontium. Periodontitis always begins with bleeding gums and, as the disease progresses, can lead to gum and bone loss, reduced chewing function and even tooth loss. These consequences of the infection are widely known. What is less well known is that the germs from this infection can enter the entire body through the bloodstream and cause further inflammation.

For this reason, we do not see gum disease as an isolated disease of the oral cavity, but always in its interaction with the entire organism. Interactions can lead to diabetes, heart and respiratory diseases, myocarditis, strokes, premature births and much more.

Early diagnosis through tests

Our team has various methods for the early diagnosis of periodontitis. It can therefore determine the current status very well. With the help of the new aMMP8 laboratory marker, it is also possible to predict the progression of the disease at an early stage and assess tissue degradation even before bone loss is visible on the x-ray or the gums recede.

The examination of marker germs detects the colonization of the gum pockets with pathogenic germs. By knowing the microbiological conditions in the tooth pockets, early treatment can prevent the progression of periodontitis with all its negative consequences.

aMMP8 – an inflammatory marker

Activated matrix metalloproteinase 8, aMMP8 for short, is an immune defence enzyme that plays a key role in the development and progression of periodontitis. This enzyme triggers the breakdown of gum tissue long before it becomes visible. aMMP8 is therefore an inflammation marker. New laboratory procedures now make it possible to measure aMMP8 in the tooth.

Periodontitis marker test

The examination for marker germs serves to select the appropriate form of therapy.

Aroma therapy

Aroma Therapy – the natural medicine for treating periodontal disease.

Regular prophylaxis – dental cleaning

This makes it all the more important to recognize a disease at an early stage through regular prophylaxis and to take therapeutic measures in good time. We can support you and your family with dental care through targeted prevention.


Dental treatments under anesthesia

A radiant smile without fear or pain
Many patients want their upcoming visit to the dentist to be as pain-free and relaxed as possible. This applies in particular to patients with a pronounced fear of dental treatment. We now offer these patients the opportunity to “sleep through” their treatment, so to speak. By calling in anaesthetists, lengthy treatments in particular can be carried out in twilight sleep or under general anesthesia with few complications and without stress. This type of treatment also offers advantages for patients who are very busy at work, for example. Complex procedures that would otherwise require several appointments can be carried out pain-free in a single session under anaesthesia.

The procedure, tolerability and implementation of the treatment

In addition to local anaesthesia, a team of anaesthetists (an anaesthesiologist and a specialist nurse for anaesthesia) can be called in to provide twilight sleep or anaesthesia.

Nowadays, both procedures are hardly more risky than local anesthesia by the dentist. New anaesthetic drugs guarantee good tolerance for the patient, few side effects and a quick recovery phase after the procedure.

Analgosedation (twilight sleep)

During analgosedation, you are put into a sleep-like state by administering various low-dose anaesthetic drugs. Your breathing is completely preserved. The advantage of this procedure is that the patient usually recovers very quickly and can therefore be discharged early together with an accompanying person.

General anaesthesia

During a general anaesthetic, the patient’s consciousness and sensation of pain are eliminated. A combination of narcotics and painkillers is administered. The patient falls asleep within a very short time and is ventilated for the duration of the entire operation with the help of an apparatus and constantly monitored by the anaesthesia team.
Once the operation is over, the administration of anaesthetic medication also ends, which leads to the patient waking up on their own after a few minutes. After a sufficiently long period in a recovery room, the patient is then discharged home with an accompanying person.


Temporomandibular joint treatment (TMJ)

TMJ and headache therapy

The interplay of masticatory organs and posture.
All the muscles, joints and bones in the body are precisely coordinated. A disruption in just one of these areas often leads to severe acute or chronic complaints. These include poor posture with back pain, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), migraine-like headaches and severe tension.

These complaints are often triggered by functional disorders of the masticatory organ and temporomandibular joints as well as various dental diseases.

Bite position therapy as a prerequisite for healthy posture

We will analyse the symptoms with you in a detailed consultation. We then take a close look at your oral cavity, your chewing muscles, your jaw joints and your teeth. We pay particular attention to the so-called bite position. This means that we check whether malocclusion or uneven chewing conditions may have led to a malfunction of the masticatory system and thus to pain. Malocclusion occurs in particular due to tooth loss and gaps between teeth with subsequent tooth migration. As a holistic dental practice, we aim to improve your posture so that your energy can flow freely again.

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