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We are committed to making your stay as comfortable as possible, even outside the clinic. We have partnerships with nearby hotels. If you want to remain at the spa for a few days – whether alone or together with your family – we are happy to organize suitable accomodations for you and your loved ones. We also support you in booking your choice from among the wide variety of tourist offers in the Appenzell region. The idyllic community of Gais and the entire Appenzell region are the perfect place to enrich your stay with hiking or other attractive options. Just let us know how we can help you to organize and plan a wonderful experience in the Appenzell region.

You would like to become a patient of the Alpstein Clinic? Then please make sure you take 5 minutes to read through our important information on our medical concept, insurance issues and cost absorption. You can call up the document in PDF format (file size: 188 KB) via the button below and save it for later queries, if necessary.

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Alpstein PREMIUM Check-up

Whole body examination for individual prevention and therapy planning

The Alpstein PREMIUM check-up includes all relevant risk factors, which are known to cause chronic diseases and cancer. The Alpstein PREMIUM check-up does not only focus on laboratory. The whole-body check detects also functional parameters, aspects from environmental medicine and the holistic dentistry. All used methods are evidence-based and objective – therefore they are source and not symptom oriented. These diagnostic procedures are for anyone at any age. The following information will give you an overview about the components and further background about this check-up.  

Holistic medical history and examination

Our doctors determine your current state of health through a detailed medical history interview followed by a full body examination. We focus especially on discussing the causative factors for diseases, factors
of lifestyle and environment, the state of internal health and psychological stress. The following brochure gives you an overview of the components and further background to this check-up. The brochure is currently only available in English.

Digital follow-up care at home

Alpstein Clinic is currently working on a concept for digital follow-up care at home.
(in development)

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