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Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine
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With the INUSpheresis®, Alpstein Clinic offers a holistic therapeutic approach for various indications. By combining our INUSpheresis® services with innovative analysis methods, individual care, and pioneering medicine, we ensure optimal medical care that gives you the confidence of being in good hands with us. From 360-degree analysis to prevention and early detection, through to the integrative combination of proven therapeutic methods, our doctors can achieve effective synergistic effects.


Preliminary Analysis with Individual Evaluation and Aftercare

with INUSpheresis®

Prevention and Early Detection

Therapeutic Combination
with INUSpheresis®

Synergistic Effects through a Holistic Concept

Functionality & procedure of INUSpheresis®

The INUSpheresis® Principle

In the INUSpheres®, we filter disease-promoting substances and environmental toxins from your blood. This effective and gentle process, colloquially known as “blood washing,” can positively affect a variety of chronic diseases through double filtration.

The use of the latest intelligent filter systems ensures a gentle, individually tailored, and at the same time “effective detoxification process.” The procedure used has the advantage of not only eliminating externally ingested toxins but also allergens, metabolic waste, inflammatory mediators, infection toxins, and harmful proteins. Originally called Chemopheresis® and now developed as INUSpheresis®, apheresis is an innovative part of the INUS concept.

INUSpheresis® Process at Alpstein Clinic

1. Analysis

In the process used at the Alpstein Clinic, chemical and biochemical analyses are performed on the filtered residue to measure the amounts of toxins and plasma residues eliminated. The analysis results are stored and serve to monitor the treatment progress, uncover disease backgrounds, and further plan a holistic treatment concept.

2. Blood Collection & Return

Blood collection and return is carried out via arm veins with special cannulas. A treatment lasts about 2 hours. This treatment is conducted by specially trained and qualified medical and assistant staff of the Alpstein Clinic.

3. Indications & Monitoring

Indications and monitoring are the responsibility of Mr. Frank Kaiser at our clinic. The quality assurance of the treatment is subject to INUS ISO 9001-2008 quality management. During treatment, you will lie in an electrically adjustable treatment bed, but you do not need to be completely undressed. The treatment is carried out under continuous technical and personnel monitoring in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere.

Evidence-Based Effectiveness
of the INUSpheresis®

Good to Know from the Alpstein Academy

Endocrine – Foreign hormones and their consequences

Endocrine – Foreign hormones and their consequences

Endocrine disruptors are also called foreign hormones, xenohormones, or hormone-active substances and now number around 800. They are hormone-active substances with damaging effects. They have a stimulating or blocking effect similar to the body's own hormones.

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INUSpheresis® for the removel of microplastics

INUSpheresis® for the removel of microplastics

From the food we eat to the air we breathe, microplastics are ubiquitous. Tiny plastic fragments, from a variety of sources, are ingested by us humans. These tiny particles are transported into our digestive tract and can enter our tissues and organs.

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Patient Testimonials – Personal Experiences First-Hand

Marie-Elisabeth F.

Patient from Zeulenroda-Triebes, Germany

“I’ve passed 80 and have been a glasses wearer for several years. In June 2020, the ophthalmologist diagnosed dry macular degeneration in my left eye. Healing chances for this type are excluded by conventional medicine. After several procaine injections around the eyes, I could notice that the distorted numbers and letters temporarily improved. All the more reason for me to look for further activities in the direction of integrative medical treatment. After a CHF treatment in October, the INUSpherese at Alpstein Clinic took place in December 2020. A subsequent first self-test at home with the Amsler grid then brought the surprise. The twisted lines have improved significantly, telephone poles remain straight up to about 50 m away, and I can read longer without a magnifying glass. The big hit, however, is the problem-free threading of a thread, which was totally impossible last year. The successes achieved make me happy and grateful and full of confidence that with God’s help good vision will be preserved for me in the coming years. Other complaints such as rheumatism in the hands during weather changes and the constant crackling in the right ear as well as stomach and intestinal complaints have not yet reappeared.”

E. R.

Patient from Lausanne, Switzerland

“Situated in the small and charming village of Gais, the Alpstein Clinic brings back the word “care” in Healthcare. Gentle as it is professional, its staff will make your experience here wonderful. After the second day here you are inspired to become much more attentive and focused on your health. Functional Medicine looks at finding the root cause of your symptoms by addressing all the components that made you sick in the first place as well as looking at all aspects that make true health possible: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. At the Alpstein Clinic, you will be treated like a human being, you will be heard, and you will be guided and supported in your journey towards healing. You will also be given your power back, as you are reminded that you can play the most important role in your wellbeing, health and recovery.”

E. H.

Patient from Geneva, Switzerland

Daughter about her 83-year-old mother (Alzheimer’s dementia patient): “Already after the first INUSpherese treatment, my mom immediately started speaking in complete sentences. Her memory showed a drastic improvement in her short-term memory. Unbelievably, she even started laughing again and cracking jokes and can now recognize objects. The nurses were very good with her and were extremely competent and professional.”

Our INUSpheresis® Team

Dr. med. Ralf Oettmeier

Chief Physician and
Medical Director

Dr. med. Heike Herzog


Dr. med. Torsten Gottschalck

Senior Physician

Dr. med. Frank Kaiser

Senior Physician

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