Physically, emotionally and psychologically


Energetic Medicine and Psycho-Harmonization

Global Diagnostic and Vital Field Therapy

Vital field therapy is based on the knowledge that every organism has a typical vital field. Therapy begins with a global diagnostic evaluation. This is a whole body measurement that measures the vital field of a person in less than ten minutes. Countless tiny electrical impulses are delivered to the body. The response of the body to these impulses is recorded in its intensity and rhythmic change, evaluated, and graphically displayed. Based on the vibrational patterns, the vital field therapy is then carried out. In the process, biotrodes, which are mat-shaped electrodes, are placed on different regions of the body, such as the back.

Vital field therapy has a regulating effect on the human vital field and supports the following processes:

  • Acceleration of (self-) healing processes
  • Improvement of the immune system and metabolism
  • Support of the detoxification function
  • Improvement of vitality and regeneration

Acupuncture and Electropoint Acupuncture

In body acupuncture, the acupuncture points lie on what we call meridians. Meridians are tracks of life energy (‘Qi’) and connect our body, from the extremities to the internal organs, to form a whole. Acupuncture points are nodal points between the meridians on the outer body and the internal organs. These acupuncture points are stimulated with very fine needles, for example, penetrating the finger to a depth of about 2 mm, or the buttocks to a depth of up to 10 cm. A non-invasive method is electro-acupuncture, in which the acupuncture points are gently stimulated with electrical impulses. This method is completely painless and is often used in children.

In the Alpstein Clinic, we not only rely on body acupuncture, but also on ear acupuncture (according to Paul F. M. Nogier), skull acupuncture (according to Yamamoto) and hand acupuncture (after the Korean school), in which somatotopic acupuncture points are stimulated. At the ear, for example, these points reflect individual organs, body regions and functions, and can act directly on the irritated organ.

We like to use acupuncture in combination with neural therapy to rebalance the patient’s regulatory system and thus promote the healing process.

Conversation and Family Therapy

In our fast-moving, consumer-oriented meritocracy, it is important that we can always keep up, something that requires a lot of concentration and perseverance from us. We do not always succeed in taking the time and energy required to feel at peace with ourselves, and in order to stay in touch with our inner compass. Life is full of both positive and negative surprises. When a stroke of fate hits us, we do not have the time to digest it profoundly, which means that we often carry around unconscious, unprocessed burdens and traumas with us for decades. These outer and inner realities of life cause us, without noticing, to gradually alienate us from ourselves.

During counseling, you will be individually and holistically accompanied through your process, so that you rediscover your inner self. The following methods are used:

  • Depth Psychology, with the aim of exploring and digesting unconscious inherited burdens through imagination and the use of symbols.
  • Humanistic Psychology, with the aim of strengthening self-confidence through self-reflection and knowing what one’s goals in life actually are.
  • Behaviorism, with the aim of better understanding bad habits or negative thinking and transforming them into positives.
  • Systemic Approaches, with the aim of locating and solving domestic family burdens, which are often subconsciously passed on from generation to generation. The systemic approach focuses on the interacting qualities of relationships between family members, and seeks to substantially improve them through internal dialogue, new decisions, resolution of misunderstandings, finding new ways to solve them, appreciation of fate, acceptance and appreciation, and so on.
  • Body Psychotherapeutic Approaches, with the goal to perceive and use the body’s inner wisdom.

An additional focus is on dealing with high sensibility or high sensitivity and giftedness, and similarly, dealing with difficult children and adolescents in the family system. If you wish, you can also work on an energetic or spiritual level. Consultations are always supported by a profound love for humankind.

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lic.phil. Flavia Krogh

The clearer the psyche, the healthier the body