Direct effect via the autonomic nervous system


Neural Therapy

Neural therapy works through the autonomic nervous system, which acts as a fine network in the basic system of the body. Like a fine net, it surrounds every cell in the entire body and is responsible for regulating the metabolism. The autonomic nervous system forwards all information and regulation processes from the basic system so that our body can adapt to various stimuli such as bacteria, viruses, exertion, temperature changes, etc.

Every illness disrupts the processes in the body that forward information and disturbs regulation processes. With neural therapy, we restore the ability to regulate, normalize malfunctions of the organism, positively influence disease processes and bring nervous irritations back into balance. For this purpose, small amounts of the active substance procaine are injected for local anaesthesia at certain points of the nervous system. To optimally stimulate the self-healing powers of the body, the effect can be supplemented by biological additives.

Neurotherapeutic techniques

  • Segment and interference field treatment: with surface injections, we therapeutically use the nerve connection between the skin and the internal organs, reflex zones or HEAD zones
  • Ganglia technique: deeper injections are placed at the major neural nodes
  • BIO-IN2-Neural therapy of the Alpstein Clinic: neural therapeutic injections are supplemented by healing affirmations

Main areas of application

  • Chronic pain of all kinds
  • Chronic inflammation (paranasal sinuses, upper respiratory tract, intestinal and small pelvic organs, etc.)
  • Circulatory disorders, lymphatic drainage disorders, including tinnitus
  • Over-stimulation, difficulty concentrating and exhaustion
  • Strengthening of internal organ and glandular functions
  • Biological dentistry
  • Potential interference fields such as scars, root-dead teeth, inflammation in the jaw area
  • Etc.
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Dr. med. Ralf Oettmeier

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