Family Competence Center

The FamilyCompetenceCenter is a focus center for the treatment of HPU/KPU and high sensitivity and particularly specialized in the natural/biological treatment of ADHD, ADD and autism.

In cooperation with the INUSpheresis® Center of the Alpstein Clinic, apheresis treatments are carried out for children and adolescents, depending on the individual decision.

A health center where the whole family feels comfortable, for active health promotion, so that you can live your life powerfully.

For some, a clinic is a place to fight disease. For us, health promotion is much more: For us, it is a passion; a passion that we would like to share with you.
The FamilyCompetenceCenter is part of the Alpstein Clinic AG network and represents a focus center for the treatment of children and adolescents and their family members.

At the FamilyCompetenceCenter, children and adolescents, but also all family members, receive competent and appreciative support, both individually and as members of a family community, in the knowledge that social interactions and dynamics can mutually influence social interaction as well as health and illness. We view health not only as the absence of illness, but as a harmonious balance of all areas of life. A balance that begins within on the physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual levels and spreads to our families.

We offer individualized conventional and integrative medical examinations, diagnostics and treatments, and an inspiring process of raising awareness for better health, so that you and your family can feel completely well and rebuild your lives.


Root cause analysis


In the first stage, we analyze possible causes for your complaints together with you. In doing so, we examine possible toxic exposures, environmental factors, deficiencies, malnutrition and stress factors. This is followed by a comprehensive physical examination and further diagnostic measures such as blood, stool, saliva and urine tests, thermography, etc.


Purging & Relief

The second stage focuses on a balanced internal environment of the body, which forms the basis for subsequent healing success. Important tools here are, for example, dental rehabilitation, intestinal rehabilitation or detoxification of the organs – especially the liver. In this phase, holistic pain therapy can also be a decisive means of controlling the pain without using drugs of conventional medicine that have many side effects.


Regeneration & Biostimulation

The third stage is all about regeneration. With a wide range of non-specific and specific immune stimulants, the humoral (antibody-mediated immune response) and cellular (mainly T-lymphocyte-mediated immune response) defenses are also stimulated. The stimulation and vitalization of all organs and physical structures are close to our hearts.


Harmonization & Awareness

The fourth stage focuses on bringing the levels of body, mind and spirit back into harmony. Complete health is only possible in the long term if we value and accept ourselves. We offer you an environment in which you can find the way to yourself and thereby open up new sources of energy for yourself.

Today’s world already needs tomorrow’s tools! Let’s promote health and health prevention together in a new way!

Our principles:

The following anamnestic and diagnostic approaches are used:

Anamnestic and diagnostic approaches
  • Conventional and integrative medical procedures (anamnesis, detailed physical examination of the whole body, including neurological reflex testing, posture control and integumentary inspection), diagnostics and therapy
  • Heavy metal and environmental toxic stresses
  • Food intolerances
  • Fatty acid profiles
  • Determination of important minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, trace elements or other parameters
  • Exclusion of metabolic disorders
  • Exclusion of organ disorders and glucose metabolism disorders
  • Exclusion of autoimmune diseases or hormonal imbalances
  • Chronic viral, bacterial or parasitic loads
  • Microbiome analyses, intestinal dysbiosis, leaky gut
  • Vital field methods (diagnostics and therapy)
  • Testing of developmental maturity and degree of integration of early childhood reflexes, neuromotor maturation
  • Determination of dysbalances in the family system or the extended social environment (kindergarten, playgroup, school)
    testing the degree of self-confidence of the child (self-image)

Therapeutic interventions include the following treatment options:

  • Individual therapy schemes according to conventional or integrative medical necessity
  • Individual homeopathic constitutional treatments
  • Vital field diagnostics: Measurement of the vital field of the body, i.e. the electromagnetic field, to determine possible interference fields.
  • Vital field therapies to reorganize and harmonize the body through the impulse of electromagnetic waves. This type of therapy is completely painless and therefore very suitable for children.
  • Vital substance deficiencies: Supplementation orally, subcutaneously, intramuscularly or intravenously.
  • Individual mixed infusions, depending on the indication
  • Detailed nutritional counseling and preparation of an individual diet plan in case of proven food intolerances
  • Individual intestinal reconstruction and milieu therapy in case of proven intestinal dysbiosis/leaky gut
  • Initiation of detoxification and support of individual detoxification capacities in case of proven toxins, orally, via vital field therapy, intravenous therapies or other possibilities
  • Neural therapy and mesotherapy
  • Soft laser therapy
  • Electrolysis foot baths
  • Ayurvedic massages
  • Integrative health prevention for highly sensitive people
  • Integrative coaching in the field of consciousness raising, family analysis, biography work
  • Resonance coaching, contact with the unborn child
  • Movement training for the reintegration of early childhood reflexes and thus for reaching the milestones of child development
  • Child self-suggestions: also in combination with the tools of sound pedagogy and movement exercises of pedagogical kinesiology, with the aim of dissolving mental blockages and for strengthening self-confidence
  • Training in the sensory room and work on the sound field
  • Resilience training for the children: teaching them strategies for coping with everyday school life
  • Pedagogical coaching, especially for parents, to deal with possible stress or to harmonize the family system and to learn various pedagogical techniques to better cope with everyday life with a demanding child and to strengthen self-confidence
  • “Help for self-help”: Instruction of techniques for self-help in acute emotional exceptional situations through Jin Shin Jyutsu healing current coaching for the whole family
  • Sound massages for children: calming the children and harmonizing the cells for more effective stress management and a grounded, harmonized body feeling
  • Optional: Information for the child’s teachers, as desired and agreed upon (short brochure with useful pedagogical-didactic tips, contact).

To the exhaustion states and the depressive moods:

When the batteries are getting emptier and emptier, it makes sense to organize targeted support on both a physical and a psychological level. Exhaustion very often goes hand in hand with depressive moods and, vice versa, depressive moods can also cause physical exhaustion.
Body and psyche work closely together. We take this natural interaction into account within the framework of psychopedagogy and use it to your advantage. Children and adolescents can also be exhausted, we have the necessary expertise and experience on how to support you holistically.

Learn more about the diagnosis of ADD / ADHD in our podcast! Just listen here.

In this podcast, the doctor Birgit Kohl and the educationalist Flavia Krogh answer the most important questions about the diagnosis ADS & ADHD. Starting with the question of what this diagnosis actually means for those affected and their families, the causes are illuminated and looked at what solutions conventional medicine has in store and what natural solutions are available apart from chemical treatments.

Our offer

Diagnostic and therapeutic help with

ADHA/ ADD, autism, HPU/KPU (especially in children)
  • ADHS
  • ADHD
  • Autism Spectrum
  • Dyslexia/ Dyscalculia
  • High sensitivity
Being a family, mother and child
  • unfulfilled desire to have children
  • miscarriage and stillbirth
  • Infant death
  • abortion
  • Being a patchwork family
  • Mother and unborn child: resonance and resilience
states of exhaustion and/or depressive moods
  • HPU/ KPU
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Burnout/ exhaustion
  • Adrenal fatigue/ adrenal insufficiency
  • Autoimmune diseases
Special women topics
  • Impulse coaching for highly sensitive adults
  • Parent coaching: Navigating through the teen years
  • Parent coaching: their child’s social media consumption
  • Screen reduction training for children
  • Harmonize” partnership
  • Special coaching for women: Where do I stand, where do I want to go?
  • Family training: Energetic handles for stable emotions
  • Profession/ Vocation
  • More self-confidence for teens
  • Course: Communication in the family (communication psychology, humanistic pedagogy, mindfulness and well-being)

Lecture series FamilyCompetenceCenter at the Alpstein Clinic

Practical psychology and pedagogy for a health-promoting everyday family life

Dear parents and interested people, due to the strong demand we continue our lecture series and meet in a casual setting.

Two institutions – one image of humanity

Alpstein Clinic and School Zürisee

How children and young people can take root and develop. And how we promote this.

We look forward to your visit and getting to know each other!


Dipl. physician Birgit Kohl, MSc


lic.phil. Flavia Krogh


Dr. med. Heike Herzog


Ursula Nägeli-Ebneter