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Our laboratory partner is one of the largest diagnostic providers in Europe and the only one to combine laboratory medicine, imaging and pathology diagnostics under one roof.

At more than 35 locations with over 800 employees and around 60 scientists, Unilabs uses its expertise in laboratory medicine, imaging and pathology to provide answers to diagnostic questions in all medical disciplines. The catalogue of services includes more than 2,000 different tests from all areas of diagnostics, including:

  • Laboratory Medicine
  • Cellular pathology
  • Medical imaging
  • Special analytics
  • Services for drug development
  • Reproductive medicine and genetics 

In 2017, Unilabs decided to internalize the passion and excitement of the employees that sets Unilabs apart from other diagnostics providers. The results were mission (order), motto (promise to the customer) and mantra (basic attitude).

Mission: At the beginning and at the center of all successful diagnostic decisions
Motto: We have the answer to all questions about care
Mantra: CARE BIG

CARE BIG reminds us that excellence in diagnostics depends on the people who are at the center of the process.


BIOCHECK UP is an early detection programme for risks and disorders associated with diseases of civilisation. We have structured the content of the Check Up according to profiles, you choose your profile according to your personal preference.


Our range of profiles has been expanded to include current topics such as nutritional balance/ vegetarianism, intestinal health, daily and sleep patterns and much more. Discover our complete range of profiles on the website:


Q4/2021 at UNILABS

Analyses 5 essential properties of the skin: moisture capacity, elasticity, resistance to oxidative stress, sensitivity and predisposition to inflammation, sun sensitivity. Based on the results, an individual and easy-to-understand analysis report is prepared. The tests are carried out quickly and reliably in our genetics laboratory in Lausanne.


RITTWEGER + TEAM Advertising agency

We see ourselves as an advertising agency from Erfurt and Suhl operating in the German-speaking region, working with an interdisciplinary and holistic approach. Our daily endeavor is to offer creativity and expertise for the fields of design, communication and innovation. Our working tools are the idea, the word, the writing, the form, the color, the script and the material.

In addition to our 30 years of experience as a communication and design agency, we combine professional knowledge from all areas of drafting, design and interaction with innovative methodological know-how. In doing so, we cover all areas in which disruptive approaches and novel solutions are needed. Whether architecture, design, digitalization, product development or communication – we deliver ideas and solutions with substance.

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